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  Genus Tillandsia  14th edition, Paul T. Isley III. $9.50.| details | order here |
A very good introduction to tillandsias, including indoor and outdoor care and how to fix them to mounts.

  Bromeliads a Cultural Manual, Bromeliad Society International. $6.00. | details | order here |

  The Green-blooming, small, grey Tillandsias from Mexico, Renate Ehlers 2009. $45.
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  The Tillandsia Tectorum Complex, Liselotte Hromadnik. $39.50. | details | order here.

 Tillandsia II, Paul T. Isley III, 2010.  $125,   | details |  order here |

The long-awaited update of Paul Isley's great book Tillandsia.

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Air Plants: Epiphytes and Aerial Gardens, David H. Benzing 2012.

In Air Plants, David H. Benzing takes a reader on a tour of the many taxonomic groups to which the epiphytes, including tillandsias, belong and explains in nontechnical language the anatomical and physiological adaptations that allow these plants to conserve water, thrive without the benefit of soil, and engage in unusual relationships with animals such as frogs and ants.

Benzing's comprehensive account covers topics including ecology, evolution, photosynthesis and water relations, mineral nutrition, reproduction, and the nature of the forest canopy as habitat for the free-living and parasitic epiphytes.


Air Plants: The Curious World of Tillandsias, Zenaida Sengo & Caitlan Atkinson, 2014



Native Bromeliads of Florida, Harry Luther and David Benzing 2009.

Covers the 14 tillandsias, 3 catopsis species and Guzmania monostachia native to Florida. Includes range maps; keys for identification; species descriptions; notes on ecology and conservation status.


New Tillandsia Handbook, Shimizu and Takizawa

Very popular reference book for collectors, with nearl 400 colour images. Originally published at US$25, but long out of print. Good used copies now costing $65 and upward!


Vascular Epiphytes, David H. Benzing 2000

A comprehensive overview of basic functions, life history, evolution and the place of epiphytes in complex tropical communities.


Bromeliaceae: Profile of an Adaptive Radiation, David H. Benzing 2000

Exhaustive coverage of the basic biology of the Bromeliacea, with emphasis on their basic structure, function, ecology and evolution plus special topics. Contributions from other leading scientists: B. Bennett, Greg Brown, Mark Dimmitt, Harry Luther, Ivon Ramirez, R. Terry and Walter Till.




Bromeliads for the Contemporary Garden, Andrew Steens 2003.

A book for beginners, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs alike. Descriptions and cultivation information for hundreds of species and cultivars, from Aechmea to Vriesia, along with an impressive range of photographs, will inspire gardeners and collectors.