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How our purchasing system works

Orders can be sent to us by phone, letter or fax. Or you can place an order online using the "shopping cart" - press "order now" button  by the items you want. When you have completed your order, just go to the shopping cart and check out! 

Our shopping cart is on a secure server (SSL) but it does not charge credit cards for us. It merely records the products you wish to buy. When you checkout you choose whether you want to pay by internet banking direct to our account, or by credit card. If you choose credit card we will send you an invoice from PayPal (You do not have to be a member of Paypal, if you are not a member they let you login as a guest to make a payment to us). For the direct credit option we mail you an invoice with our bank details on it. 

You do not necessarily have to use the shopping cart at all - - if you prefer, you can just email us with details of what you want and we will send you an invoice with bank or PayPal details.

Courier delivery prices increased in 2016, and we need to pass these on now (Feb.2017)

On New Zealand plant orders there is a freight charge to cover courier and packing costs. Charge is $9.50 per small carton (about 20-30 plants) and $16 per larger carton.  Rural surcharge is $4. For other countries, freight will be charged at cost, plus any expenses involved in gaining Government health certificate - we can give you a price estimate in advance for this.

DISCOUNTS: we do not have a wholesale pricelist per se. If your order totals between $250 and $500, we will deduct 15% from your plant cost. Order over $500 and we will deduct 25%, over $1000 we deduct 35%. These discounts apply only to plants (except those already on special) . Not to freight, and not to other items we sell such as books because we have a small margin on these items already.

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page updated: February 17, 2017