Bromeliads: a Cultural Manual,  BSI International


Updated edition (2004), edited by Herb Plever and Joyce L. Brehm and published by the Bromeliad Society International.  Thirty eight aprox. A4 size,  14cm x 22cm,  pages, with 75 small color photos. Cover illustration by Kiti Wenzel.  introduction to the cultivation of all bromeliads, including tillandsias.


The Cultural Manual has sections on basic culture and detailed chapters on the major genera Aechmea, Billbergia, Cryptanthus, Dyckia, Guzmania, Neoregelia, Tillandsia and Vriesea, and others as well.


This edition has increased emphasis on indoor cultivation, reflecting the decades of experience by Herb Plever growing bromeliads in his apartments in New York. He is a widely recognized authority on indoor culture.


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