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Sphagnum moss is widely used as a constituent of potting mixes. The two grades we supply are "SuperSphag" that is finely chopped and relatively dense, and "Long Fibre" that is coarser and more fluffy. SuperSphag is normally used in propagation and Long Fibre for mature plants.

The sphagnum is sold dried and compressed, and expands when soaked in water.

SuperSphag is sold in packets of 10 small pellets that expand to a toal of 3 litres of moss when soaked, and Long Fibre comes in mini bales that expand to 12 litres of moss when soaked.

SuperSphag bag of 10 pellets, makes 3 litres:  $5.00   

Long fibre, small bale makes 12 litres: $9.75   

page updated January 12, 2015