The Tillandsia Tectorum Complex,  Lieselotte Hromadnik.

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The book is bi-lingual, with the entire text in both the Deutsche and English languages. Published by the German Bromeliad Society in 2005, and written by Mrs Lieselotte Hromadnik. Mrs Hromadnik has based her work on many years of study of the plants in their native habitat, and she has already described and published many new species. She is also a strong supporter of plant conservation in their native habitats.

Species already described as included in The Tillandsia Tectorum Complex are included with quotations from their original botanical descriptions plus the author's comments on their distribution range and climatic conditions. These original (founding) members of the complex are Tillandsias tectorum, balsaensis, heteromorpha, reducta and rupicola.

The book also describes for the first time a number of new species and varieties in the tectorum complex:

Tillandsia heteromorpha var. rauhii
Tillandsia tectorum forma gigantea
Tillandsia tectorum var. globosa
Tillandsia tectorum
var. viridula
Tillandsia chusgonensis
Tillandsia lithophila
Tillandsia malyi
Tillandsia oblivata
Tillandsia stellifera
Tillandsia tomekii

A botanical key to aid in identifying all the species and varieties in the complex is included in the book. There are many color pictures of locality scenery, plus adventure stories from collecting trips to South America, as well as the detailed plant descriptions. The book has 120 pages, 84 colored photos and 16 black & white drawings.  Highly recommended !

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